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Have A Question? Give Us A Call At 855-878-2596 or Drop Us A Note At For 1-on-1 support!
Have a question? Give us a call at 855-878-2596 or drop us a note at


Offbeat auto is a leading online retailer committed to minimizing the barrier of entry to the world of vehicle modification by optimizing the process of obtaining and utilizing dependable, unique, and quality products from the top brands in the specialty automotive equipment industry. Whether you’re you’re modifying your vehicle to withstand months of exploration or just adding additional equipment to enhance your driving experience we’re here to get you going.

Our passion for living "off the beaten path" began after moving from "busy" Chicago, IL to the heart of the Shawnee National Forest. Our pursuit to live a more fulfilling life kept leading us down roads that appeared to have been untraveled and paths paved seemingly by the animals/nature that surrounded them. The fulfillment we were seeking found us once we lost ourselves behind the steering wheel.

Prepare prudently, connect mindfully, explore unapologetically

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